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"I met Bryan over two years ago for a lymphatic massage after my bilateral mastectomy.  He came across as serene and empathetic and caring inside and out.  He's an intuitive massage therapist and in caregiving one needs to heal both physically and emotionally. He fit the bill perfectly and has been a godsend for me as I laregely credit him for my continued wellbeing. To date Bryan has never disappointed and I consider him a dear friend.
I highly recommend him."

- Bina G. -

“Bryan's ability to pinpoint the root cause of discomforts is unparalleled and his understanding of anatomy is incredible. He's been able to make me feel better after every session and more importantly he's helped to identify the origin of how and why some of the issues I've had have occurred in the first place. Don't hesistate to book a session with Bryan ASAP!"

- Jeremy M. -

"Bryan is fantastic. I have nothing but good things to say about his technique and work ethic. I have been working with Bryan for almost two years and he helps keep my body healthy and active. I am a marathoner who is constantly working my muscles and tendons into knots. Bryan is patient, hardworking, and willing to really put some muscle into it to help me feel better."

- Jennifer P. -

"I've been seeing Bryan for a couple of years now. He's the best massage therapist I've been to after spending many years looking for "the perfect" LMT in NYC. He's gotten me through intense workout routines, pre natal, and post natal periods. He is soft spoken, professional, has incredible attention to detail, and is incredibly knowledgable on anatomy, injuries, training, and everything in between. I mostly do deep tissue and sports massages and highly recommend him if you are an athlete/weekend warrior or a mom/mom to be.  You will not regret  spending 90 minutes with Bryan and I guarantee you'll be back."

- Michelle B. -

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